NEULAND's Structure

Fleischerei Drewes

The butchery Drewes in Amelinghausen near Hamburg.

The starting point of NEULAND's philosophy is: Animal raising in a way that respects both the animals and the environment is recommended to farmers. If a farmer accepts NEULAND's regulations and regular controls, he is allowed to use the NEULAND label and gets the chance to receive better prices for better products.

NEULAND's label guarantees that consumers get good and controlled meat. NEULAND's task is to advice and control farmers, also in the marketing of their products. To this day, 200 farmers have been accepted for labelling by NEULAND, mainly in Westphalia, Lower Saxony and in the south of Germany. Consumers have received this label positively. They know that they contribute to the preservation of the environment, the protection of the animals and to sustaining small and medium-sized farms by buying NEULAND products.

It is extremely difficult to build up marketing structures, slaughtering facilities, the manufacturing of end products, transportation and sale, because the local and regional infrastructure was systematically destroyed in the past. Thus NEULAND has to rebuild these structures with great efforts.

A rapid implementation of the NEULAND philosophy has narrow limits, as one easily understands. NEULAND meat is sold directly on farms, local butcher shops, own corporations and restaurants. NEULAND has nearly 150 selling points in Germany as well as an internet sale.

NEULAND will slowly progress as a self-help project in the market economy. The supporters of the NEULAND project want to have a new environmental policy approach with a rural agriculture that protects the environment, sustains the nature and, at the same time, produces for the market. They reject a preparation of protected and affected areas, and strive for better production methods in all areas of the entire agricultural sector. Subsidies can only partly help. The big change has to come through the market place, through fair and higher prices for good products.